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The Z was a modern coupe with a long nose and fastback rear hatch reminiscent of the Jaguar E, with seating for two and a 2. With the massive success of the Z, Nissan added a five-speed manual transmission to the Z, now featuring a larger 2. All good things must end, and Nissan closed production on the first-generation Z-Car in , giving way to the disco-age inspired ZX outfitted with velour and T-tops.

Second Generation 280ZX/S130

From big hair to glam rock, the ZX fit right into the flashy 80s scene. With its big 3. Lean, low and sophisticated is how Car and Driver described the new Z32 in , and Nissan set the bar this decade for sports-car styling. Nissan put their largest engine yet into the 90s edition of the Z A flat-out awesome twin turbo powered the stock 3. Nissan took a break from Z sales in the U. Available in a coupe and roadster, the 3.

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Slightly smaller than its predecessors, the sixth-generation Z offers its most powerful engine — a 3. The new coupe touts updates like new head lights and a new rear fascia. Hit the highway in your favorite Z today. The running concept, featuring a 4-cylinder engine compared to the Z-car's traditional 6-cylinder engine, was eventually thought less than a worthy successor to the line. In , the French company Renault bought And we will make it profitable. On January 8, , Nissan introduced the Z Concept.


Much like the previous Z concept, it debuted at the North American International Auto Show and was painted bright orange. In the summer of , the Z was released to wide acclaim. It employed a slightly improved version of the 3.

In Europe, only the 'Track' trim was available, although it was badged and marketed as 'Z'. A convertible model was later introduced in The Z was available in a selection of seven trim packages, depending on the year: "Base", "Enthusiast", "Performance", "Touring", "Grand Touring", "Track" and " Nismo ". The base model Z, in comparison to the more expensive packages, did not have a limited-slip differential or a traction control system. Touring and Grand Touring models both featured leather seats, Bose entertainment systems, optional satellite navigation, VDC vehicle dynamic control , and other user conveniences, while the Grand Touring models also added Rays Engineering forged wheels and the Brembo braking system found on the Track and Nismo models.

In , Nissan dropped the "Track" version in favor of the "Nismo" edition, but retained the Brembo brakes, Rays Engineering wheels, and simple interior, but added a larger exhaust and aggressive body kit. It is widely believed that this model year —08 is the most desired among enthusiasts due to the car featuring a revised transmission CD which solved all previous issues and the new engine architecture VQ35HR which provided an overall faster car.

On December 30, the Z was introduced as a model. In June , the second generation Nismo Z debuted. The Z Z34 is powered by Nissan's 3. However, the car has also been tested by Motor Trend Magazine, which reported a 4.

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Quarter mile times range from The Z is available with either a six-speed manual gearbox or a seven-speed automatic with paddle shifters. The six-speed manual is the first production car manual gearbox to feature a system that Nissan refers to as SynchroRev Match , which automatically blips the throttle to match engine and transmission speed during downshifts, thus achieving the same effect as the heel-and-toe downshift technique.

The second generation S, introduced in was a complete redesign, retaining only the L28 engine and other driveline components. A turbo option was introduced in , bringing performance surpassing that of the original Z. The third generation, the ZX , switched to a 3. There were two generations of the ZX: the Z31 from to , and the Z32 from to Both the Z31 and Z32 came in either non-turbo or turbo trims.

During the '90s, the cars price continued to elevate and sales continued to fall. Even a major design change in couldn't save it, and production finally ended in While the model names were based on the engine capacity for the US markets, with the Z having a 2. In the model year, Nissan reentered the US sports-car market with the Z , powered by the 3.

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The Z features a 3. Due to the similarities between the two engines, many OEM and aftermarket parts are interchangeable. The ZX proved successful in various classes of racing, particularly in the US. Significant results include:. The most notable driver to be associated with the car was actor Paul Newman , who raced with the Bob Sharp Racing team.

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He also helped to promote the car, even by starring in a series of commercials. In to showroom stock racing, the ZX captured wins on numerous occasions. Additional factory endorsement, combined with a new chassis, transmission and more reliable Goodyear tires contributed to the team's success. Among enthusiasts and the team themselves, the biggest triumph for the race Z32 was the victory in the 24 Hours of Daytona. This record remains unbroken. In , JUN's first Z32 went The GT cars used were heavily modified and featured a longer nose and tail requiring the production of the Type-E homologation special , carbon fiber bodywork, and a tube chassis.

In , Nismo won the GT championship. In order to increase competitiveness, however, a new 4. The Z, with slightly more pedestrian modifications also competes in the GT class having started there even before the Skyline GT-Rs were replaced by teams such as Endless Sports and Mola.

Two years later, Hasemi Sports won the GT title again before its team's withdrawal of the series in the following season, [24] as another Z team MOLA also moved up to GT class earlier in the preseason time, it marked the first full absence of Nissan vehicles in GT class since the establishment of JGTC in This car was also featured on the March cover of Turbo Magazine. It is considered the largest annual gathering of Z car clubs and enthusiasts in America, sponsored by Nissan. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other uses, see Z-car disambiguation.

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