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Hazardous Materials Identification System - HMIS

The table shows proper shipping names in regular type. The shipping paper must show proper shipping names. Names shown in italics are not proper shipping names. Placard hazardous materials shipments based on the quantity and hazard class. You can decide which placards to use if you know these three things:. Column 4 lists the identification number for each proper shipping name.

The identification number must appear on the shipping paper as part of the shipping description and also appear on the package. It also must appear on cargo tanks and other bulk packaging. Police and firefighters use this number to quickly identify the hazardous materials. Column 6 shows the hazard warning label s shippers must put on packages of hazardous materials.

Some products require use of more than one label due to a dual hazard being present. Column 7 lists the additional special provisions that apply to this material. When there is an entry in this column, you must refer to the federal regulations for specific information. The numbers in this column mean the hazardous material is a poison inhalation hazard PIH. PIH materials have special requirements for shipping papers, marking, and placards. Column 8 is a three-part column showing the section numbers covering the packaging requirements for each hazardous material.

Appendix A to 49 CFR When these materials are being transported in a reportable quantity or greater in one package, the shipper displays the letters RQ on the shipping paper and package. The letters RQ may appear before or after the basic description. You or your employer must report any spill of these materials, which occurs in a reportable quantity. Appendix B to 49 CFR Appendix B is a listing of chemicals that are toxic to marine life.

For highway transportation, this list is only used for chemicals in a container with a capacity of gallons or more without a placard or label as specified by the HMR. This marking it is not a placard must also be displayed on the outside of the vehicle. The shipping paper shown in Figure 9. A shipping paper for hazardous materials must include:. If a shipping paper describes both hazardous and non-hazardous products, the hazardous materials will be either:.

The basic description of hazardous materials includes the identification number, proper shipping name, hazard class or division, and the packing group, if any, in that order.

Shipping name, hazard class, and identification number must not be abbreviated unless specifically authorized in the hazardous materials regulations. The description must also show:. Shipping papers also must list an emergency response telephone number. The emergency response telephone number is the responsibility of the shipper.

It can be used by emergency responders to obtain information about any hazardous materials involved in a spill or fire.

Hazardous Materials Labels - Marcom LTD

The telephone number must be:. Shippers also must provide emergency response information to the motor carrier for each hazardous material being shipped. The emergency response information must be able to be used away from the motor vehicle and must provide information on how to safely handle incidents involving the material. It must include information on the shipping name of the hazardous materials, risks to health, fire, explosion, and initial methods of handling spills, fires, and leaks of the materials.

Such information can be on the shipping paper or some other document that includes the basic description and technical name of the hazardous material. Motor carriers may assist shippers by keeping an ERG on each vehicle carrying hazardous materials. The driver must provide the emergency response information to any federal, state, or local authority responding to a hazardous materials incident or investigating one.

The packaging type and the unit of measurement may be abbreviated. For example:. The shipper of hazardous wastes must put the word WASTE before the proper shipping name of the material on the shipping paper hazardous waste manifest. A non-hazardous material may not be described by using a hazard class or an identification number.

Shippers must keep a copy of shipping papers or an electronic image for a period of 2 years 3 years for hazardous waste after the material is accepted by the initial carrier. If one provides a carrier service only and is not the originator of the shipment, a carrier is required to keep a copy of the shipping paper or electronic image for a period of 1 year. The only exceptions are when a shipper is a private carrier transporting their own product and when the package is provided by the carrier for example, a cargo tank.

Some carriers have additional rules about transporting hazardous materials. Shippers print required markings directly on the package, an attached label, or tag. An important package marking is the name of the hazardous material. It is the same name as the one on the shipping paper. The requirements for marking vary by package size and material being transported.

When required, the shipper will put the following on the package:.

9.1.2 – Communicate the Risk

It is a good idea to compare the shipping paper to the markings and labels. Always make sure that the shipper shows the correct basic description on the shipping paper, and verifies that the proper labels are shown on the packages. If you are not familiar with the material, ask the shipper to contact your office. Packages with liquid containers inside will also have package orientation markings with the arrows pointing in the correct upright direction.

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