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Mass email marketing has some very profound advantages over all other forms of marketing. One of the many challenges you may face as an online marketer is the ability to attract people to your website. Organizations even employ search engine optimization SEO techniques to improve their rankings on search engines.

However, increased traffic does not mean improved sales or profits. This is where mass email marketing comes into play. You should supply your current and potential customers with quality content through newsletters. If you can do that on a consistent basis, you can expect a high inflow of traffic and more conversions. To help you design great email campaigns, you can employ the services of a professional email marketing company like Benchmark Email. They offer you a range of professional looking templates for your mass emails. You can also decide the date and time at which your emails will be sent to your subscribers.

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With other forms of promotion, you may find it almost impossible to keep track of your campaigns. For instance, you may never know how many people are responding to your ads in the newspaper, on television or on the radio. Unlike advertising on other media, email campaign marketing gives you incomparable data and analytics so you know exactly what your return on investment ROI is.

For instance, you can find out how many emails made it past the spam filters, how many people actually opened your emails, how many people clicked on the links you provided and how many deleted your mail without opening it. Email campaigns are highly useful if you seek to gain the loyalty of your customers. Advanced Newsletter Design.

Is "Mass Email" The Same as a Mass Mailer?

High End Newsletters. Mass emailing services are offered by different companies and it allows the sending of emails in large quantities to individuals or a group of people. It is basically a software or web system that is developed to allow professionals like online marketers and website owners to send a large quantity of emails to a group of customers. The system is usually utilized for sending legitimate emails for example emails to subscribers of a particular service or news.

What is Bulk Email?

The software sends the emails via an SMTP server and other times, it does so directly to the subscribers account. Thanks to improved technology, you can be able to get both web based and standalone softwares that can allow the user to send mass emails. The service processes the mass email list at reduced rates which has made the service to be very popular among internet marketers. Due to bulk sending modes, majority of third party emailing services like Yahoo and Gmail may detect emails from a mass email service as spam.

This means that it may not be seen by the intended target so it will not have attained its objective which was to create awareness and inform the subscriber. Who uses mass email services? Since the inception of business, the means of creating awareness of a product or service has changed over time but the concept has not. Today, you will find different methods or channels that can be used by marketers in order to create awareness as well as inform customers.

For example, if you have a few antique pieces or art that you are selling online, online visitors will not be aware about your website or your products. When you think of the internet, think of over 1 billion connected devices and over 1 billion websites. Even with the use of search engines, it will be difficult to know what products a business person is selling online. Thanks to internet marketers and mass mailing services, users can finally learn when a new product hits the market.

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If you have a website, you may have gathered emails from interested subscribers finally creating an email list. This list is very valuable as it stands between your products and profits. Internet marketers, website owners and bloggers will use mass emailing service in order to educate, inform and create awareness about different products and services being offered.

Emails have been a key part for small, medium and large corporations. Designing good emails usually takes practice but the rewards are great as your products and services will be renown to wider customer base. To ensure that you get to reap the benefits, below is why you need to mass email services. Affordable As a small business, you can finally reach more customers through emails thanks to the bulk mailing service. When you sign up to many third party services today, they do offer free trial period which can enable you to make a killing if you market yourself well.

Majority of third party mass email service usually offer around emails for free in a month. Others will even allow you to keep the free email account as long as you keep a limit below emails in a month. If you love the service, you can open an account and you will get to be a charged a monthly fee which is very affordable especially when compared to the benefits that one gets to reap.

Markets your products and services to a wider customer base The one goal every business person has is to inform customers about their products and sell them in the process. Traditional advertising channels like TV and radio today cannot reach the number of customers that business people are aiming for. Having an email list of potential subscribers to your website product page as well as your blog will enable you to market not only to the local people but to the wider region. For example, if you have 10, visitors to your website daily, visitors are new and of them get to subscribe, you will have emails.

If this were to remain consistent in a month, you will get to create a list of 15, emails or more. This number can be converted to buyers thanks to mass email services. Statistics Statistics are very important for any business owner as they help in decision making. Bulk mailing services can provide very useful statistics that will enable a business owner to know who opened their email, who read their email, what subjects lines work best and how many links were clicked in the email.

Sending an email and expecting results without having statistics at hand will lead your business nowhere. Your products will not be bought which means you will have to close the business very soon. With statistics, you can finally make tweaks and adjustment of information in the email in order to have results that will benefit you in the end. Email List management. Mass mailing services allow you to manage your email lists very easily.

You can create different groups, update them and delete subscribers who want to opt out. You can use other plug-ins like social media logins to improve how readers subscribe to your newsletters. Below are features that you need to look for: Responsive email design Today, everything is going responsive from blogs to websites and now emails.

Responsive design allows newsletters and emails to be read across different devices that have varying resolutions. When you are looking for the right mass emailing service, you need to look for one that offers responsive email design. With this feature, you can get to wow your subscribers every time they get to read your newsletter. The feature modifies your emails and newsletters automatically depending with the device being used.

Availability of different forms When you are creating the perfect newsletter or email, you need to add features that will make them to look stunning and appealing.

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Exit pop-up, scroll form, shake box and other list builder tools plus many templates will help to make your work easier. For advanced users, you can use the available plain HTML editor to create your own designs. Ability to create stylish landing pages Landing pages are the bridge between your customers and your products. The best service should offer users with the ability of creating and publishing landing page in few steps and less time. The landing pages should be mobile ready, the editor should have drag n drop capability and other tools for optimization. This will enable the user to generate high converting sales pages, video pages, squeeze pages and more without even the need of having IT skills.

Auto responders As a business person or even an online marketer, there are times when you will not be available to answer emails such as at night, during holidays and when on vacation. This does not mean that your business should stop functioning. The best service offers its customers with the auto responder feature.

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The feature works by providing control of email marketing to the user. One can send follow up cycles, birthday emails, customized offers and many more. You can also refine your relevancy, your timing and accuracy thanks to the simple but time based and actions based messages. Stylish email creator The one main reason you need mass mailing service is the ability to create and send emails.

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The best service should offer its users with a stylish email creator that has a drag and drop feature. This puts the creative power in the hands of the user.


The email creator should be able to make your visions possible thanks to the multiple email templates on offer and limitless editing options. You can add photos, change colors and fonts and add social media buttons. This is achievable through a few clicks. Email tracking and analysis Statistics are vital to any marketer as they help in decision making. To ensure that you are able to gather the right statistics, you need to find a service that offers you email tracking, gauging and analysis tools. You can finally make smart decisions in seconds, be able to compare follow ups, measure site conversions, view hourly fluctuations and even group subscribers.

Email list booster Importing contacts into your email campaigns can be difficult especially if a company does not offer the feature on their system. The best mass mail service should offer you with the ability of importing contacts into your email campaign from different services and mail clients.