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Beginning in , Connecticut naturalization records were filed at the federal district courts in Hartford, New Haven, or Bridgeport, and copies were forwarded to the newly created Bureau of Immigration and Naturalization in Washington, now called the U. Unfortunately prior to when naturalization records began to be filed at the federal district courts, Connecticut naturalizations contained very little information. A typical record might consist of a one page affidavit where the person swears allegiance to the United States, although clues to the exact date or year of immigration might be included which would help in finding a passenger list. Most records only show the person's name, residence, date of naturalization, and place and date where he declared his intention to become a citizen.

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This collection has been digitized by Ancestry. Those records were subsequently transferred to the National Archives along with naturalization records from the federal courts for Connecticut United States District and Circuit Courts for the years from to This means that the National Archives keeps some Connecticut municipal court naturalization records in Record Group 21 and others in Record Group Many of the nineteenth century records consist only of ledger book lists of names and dates; the original papers never were located in the courthouses.

As additional naturalization records are found among civil court files in the State Archives, those dated or later will continue to be transferred to Waltham.

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Birth Centers and Hospitals in Connecticut, CT In most cases, you will be able to find replacement copies of Connecticut Birth Centers and Hospitals and research local vital statistics offices or births that did not occur in hospitals by using our free birth records search box. Bridgeport Hospital Bridgeport, CT