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The General Register Office GRO Northern Ireland is responsible for the civil registration of births, deaths, marriages, civil partnerships and adoptions as well as administering marriage and civil partnership law in Northern Ireland. Life event certificates can be ordered online, [1] by telephone or if outside NI or by post, with a form downloaded from the site. Applications for collection in person may only be made at the General Register Office in Belfast, with delivery options of third working day for the basic fee, and same day, usually within 30 minutes, for a higher fee.

You cannot access civil partnership and adoption records online.

If you want to view these records, or view recent records, you must book an appointment at the public search room or, if you know the details, you can apply online for certificates. Stillbirth records are only available by contacting the office.

How to apply for an Irish passport: application process and eligibility explained

The search room is open from 9. Booking is advised. Ireland and the UK have special rules about who's allowed live and work where that go beyond the EU's rules. If your desire for EU citizenship is deep enough, or you won't need to head for Vilnius for a few years yet, you could always resettle in Ireland and naturalise.

It'll take about five years. You can't do it online, or download the form, so if you're outside Ireland, you'll have to make your way to somewhere that can supply you with one. There is actually a dedicated Irish passport office on Cromwell Road in Kensington, London SW7 4ES - or a large number of community centres and organisations around the country, from Glasgow to Portsmouth and everywhere in between , that can help.

The list of people who can witness your application is a little old-fashioned, but includes a wide number of professions:. Then, one day, a passport burgundy, not blue will drop through your letterbox - and you can proceed to the "EU passports only" counter to your heart's content. Sign in Edit Account Sign Out. Lifestyle Travel How to apply for an Irish passport: application process and eligibility explained Here's how to figure out if you can get one before Brexit takes place, and how to go about it if you do qualify By Karl McDonald.

Updated Friday, 6th September , pm. An Irish passport. Photo: Getty.


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  1. Ireland: birth records - how to find them and obtain copy certificates.
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Birth Registration

For queries or advice about careers, contact the Careers Service. For queries or advice about claiming compensation due to a road problem, contact DFI Roads claim unit.

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For queries or advice about criminal record checks, email ani accessni. For queries or advice about employment rights, contact the Labour Relations Agency. If you wish to report a problem with a road or street you can do so online in this section. If you wish to check on a problem or fault you have already reported, contact DfI Roads.

Is there an error in the certificate?

Google Tag Manager. Order a birth certificate online. Before you start You can order a birth or a commemorative birth certificate online. You will need a credit or debit card and the following information: full name of person whose birth certificate is required date and place of birth district or street and town names of parents including mother's maiden name mother's address at time of birth The General Register Office cannot issue a certificate if you have not given the full details needed when you order.

Order a birth certificate Additional information For the purposes of detection and prevention of crime, information about your application may be passed on to other government or law enforcement agencies.

What information will I need?