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Fax numbers are subject to different regulations, so signing them up on this list will not do anything to thwart junk faxes. If a telemarketer asks you to use any of these payment methods, then the telemarketer is breaking the law. Hang up, and report it to the FTC.

Telephone solicitors may not:. Request payment or submit a credit card charge before receiving express verifiable authorization showing that the consumer has agreed to purchase;. At the beginning of a telemarketing call, the telemarketer must state his or her name and the full name of the business on whose behalf the call is made.

A telephone number for the business must be provided on request, and a live person must be available to answer that telephone number and give information describing the business itself and the offer being pitched.

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MCL The Attorney General, a county prosecutor, or individual consumer may bring a lawsuit under the Consumer Protection Act. This penalty applies to commission of acts that are defined as being unfair or deceptive by the act, such as certain misrepresentations by telephone solicitors. It does not apply to violations of the Do Not Call Registry.

Consumer Protection Division P. For example, you must agree to be contacted by market researchers and traders that you have an active customer relationship with. If the calls concern this customer relationship, however, you can ask the traders not to call you again.

If you have consented to be contacted by a trader, the opt-out in the Central Marketing Exclusion Register will not apply. The Consumer Ombudsman recommends that you be conscious of submitting your phone number when participating in surveys, online contests etc, as many traders see this as consent to be contacted.

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If you receive phone calls from charities you do not wish to support, you should contact the organisations directly and notify them. Make sure to contact your phone provider for more information if you need help enabling your third-party app on your phone for spam blocking. While this works most of the time as a way to get solicitors and telemarketers to stop calling your business, there are still illegal calling practices happening from people who frankly do not care about the FCC rules. You may remember the days of yelling at telemarketers to add your house line to this list, and you can still do so today with your business or cell phone number, too.

Most phone carriers including CallSource can easily give you the ability to block specific phone numbers from calling your phone lines.

Besides the ability to block specific phone numbers, CallSource will also allow you to block all phone calls coming from specific area codes. Source: www. Blocking spam calls from reaching you may be a good short-term solution for specific phone numbers that are dialing your phone over and over again. Keep in mind, this may work better for telemarketers and sales calls that are not masking their phone number, but it can help alleviate too many pesky calls from reaching your business.

Managing No Solicitation

It is used to combat these calls such as robocalls and spoofed numbers. Although clients can decide to opt-out of this service, all CallSource telephone numbers are ensured to include this proprietary spam blocking solution.

Getting started with No Solicitation

When auto-dialers and other possible spam calls are confronted with the CallShield IVR, they are disconnected since their technologies cannot comply at the correct moment. CallShield listens for specific audio queues that are uniform for spam or robocalls. From there, if a call is suspected not to be legitimate, CallShield deploys a prompt for the caller to identify if they are a real person.

If not, then the call will be dropped and obviously not able to connect through to your actual phone line.

How to stop robocalls, block numbers on your iPhone, Android and even landline

It is as simple as that. CallShield protects you, the business owner, from useless calls that can take you away from your customers or raise your phone bill through the roof with endless extra minutes on the phone or left on your voicemails wasted on spam callers. You can also manually turn on an IVR menu for calls at your business as well — that is your decision. By deploying an IVR menu on your business phones, a message will play on every single call to your office, while CallShield only plays automatically when a spam call is detected. It is up to your discretion as a business owner whether you want all callers, or only those believed to be spam, to reach an IVR menu and have to take action by pressing keys on their telephone pad.

If your business is not currently protected from spam and fake calls, this may impact your call tracking data.

1. Reject Anonymous Calls Automatically

Some advertising companies promise to bring you a specific amount of calls or leads by advertising with them. If any of your ad tracking phone numbers are getting bombarded with fake calls, this will greatly skew your data. Make sure that you use your own call tracking for the extra security to see from your own data how well all of those ads are truly performing. If your call tracking provider gives metrics around the types of calls coming in, look at those reports.

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If you have basic call tracking without additional metrics, listen to calls to see what is happening, and pay attention to conversation lengths. Want to learn more about how CallShield can help your call management by reducing the number of fake and spam calls at your business? Click here to have someone reach out to you , or contact a representative today at I want to talk to someone about protecting my business from spam calls. Your email address will not be published.