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He cited previous reassessments, which employed the use of inspectors to examine homes. This time, however, Moog used software called Prognose to take an algorithmic approach to determine the updated values, the details of which Gaylor claimed were withheld from members of the Legislature.

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Johnson acknowledged that her husband had gone before the Assessment Review Commission every other year for the past 23 years to have their property value reduced, but was concerned about what the jump could mean for their chances to sell their home. In his presentation, Gaylor made no mention of the former County Executive Ed Mangano, a Republican from Bethpage, who, when facing skyrocketing tax-refund costs, froze the tax rolls in , while gutting the Department of Assessment, opting instead to settle tax grievances out of court.

The move saddled the county with outdated property information, and precipitated a cascade of successful tax-grievance settlements, allowing, in many cases, the prices on homes to be reduced to significantly lower than their actual market values. Lisa Lombardi, who grew up in Valley Stream, said that she had filed for certiorari on her home for several years to lower her taxes. Lombardi said that county actions under Curran are pitting those who had reduced the taxes on their homes against those who had not, and added that winning a tax certiorari case does not help reduce taxes as much as it might seem, because the attorneys that she has hired to make her case take half of the settlement.

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Throughout the presentation, the question lingered of when the tax increases and decreases would take effect. Curran is currently asking Albany to pass legislation to allow for a five-year phase-in period for the full, reassessed values and rates to take effect. Gaylor was skeptical that state lawmakers would tackle such legislation, because it would potentially tie their names to tax increases, and leave those who would see reductions waiting five years for their full savings to take effect.

Nassau County is currently the only county in the state that handles its own tax assessments, and elsewhere in New York, those responsibilities typically fall on village and town governments. Moog, however, remained confident in the process he was employing, dismissing the criticisms as partisan opportunism.

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Island Park. Long Beach. Oyster Bay. Rockville Centre. Sea Cliff. Valley Stream. Since these refunds totaled millions of dollars each year, this created significant budgetary pressures on the County.

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The County has now enacted a new process in an effort to address this, but there may be some unintended consequences. The County recently enacted section Essentially, when a commercial property owner challenges the assessment, the County Assessor will set aside some of the taxes that are paid for potential refunds.

The DAF will initially appear on the general tax bill in January as a separate charge. The assessor has discretion in determining which portion of the assessment will go towards the property tax liability and the DAF e. A property owner will not be double-taxed under this new law. In order to account for this reduction in property tax revenue and funding of the DAF, the local jurisdictions will be forced to increase tax rates for all class four properties, regardless of whether an appeal was filed for a specific parcel.

If the property appeal has been resolved or if the property did not file an appeal, the general tax bill will not have a separate charge for the DAF. While many commercial property owners are vigilant in reviewing their property tax assessments, this new law in Nassau County provides an even greater incentive for commercial property owners to appeal their assessment.