Secret service agent arrested in denver

I was treated as though I was a convict, like criminal. It was horrifying for my kids. And so we waited for a few weeks. Actually, we left.

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We were going on vacation. We left a few days later. We left a few days later for our vacation, and we got back. In the mail, there was a notice that the charges had been dismissed. Apparently, the Secret Service had come to my office and to try to see me, and they would not leave their names.

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It was very Gestapo-ish, I must say. But I never returned their calls, and I have no reason why they came to my place of work.

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You know, we view the suppression of free speech and — my family, we view the suppression of free speech and the assault that this administration has made on our constitutional rights to free speech as a greater threat to the future of this country than Osama bin Laden ever will be.

You know, first this administration argued that if you criticize their policies, you were in fact providing support to people like Osama bin Laden. You were boosting the threat to national security.

Then they suggested that if you oppose their policies, you were actually equivalent to a Nazi sympathizer. You know, the nation is united on the need to fight terror. The question is, the issue is how this administration has gone about choosing to do that. And lots of people are very upset about that.

So we brought the lawsuit to really expose this issue and to raise the question of, do we in fact still live in a free nation, where people are free to express their opposition to government policies? Our goal here is to prove a point. After he arrested us and, again, threatened my wife and myself, saying he was going to spend all day Monday in the U. So we know exactly who arrested us. And this is actually a civil suit against the Secret Service agent.

Secret Service agent suspended amid investigation into Trump Facebook post, report says

Watch Full Show Next Story. There are also the times when they inadvertently let mentally ill people scale the White House fence.

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All in all, a sterling couple of years. By Nick Bilton.

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By Bess Levin. The Big Bitcoin Heist. One person was struck in the lower leg and was expected to survive, police said. The arrest comes a week after video of the incident went viral and raised questions as to why Bishop was not initially taken into custody. An attorney for the victim told CNN affiliate KMGH that the bullet hit the victim's main artery and that he could have bled to death, if not for a person who applied a tourniquet to the victim's leg.

Denver Secret Service agent jailed – The Denver Post

Authorities did not initially identify the FBI agent because he was not arrested at the time, Denver police community resource officer Marika Putnam said. Denver police said last week that the agent could face possible charges pending the results of lab testing to determine if alcohol was a factor. Last week, the Mile High Spirits team released a statement on Facebook saying they looked forward to speaking with the FBI to learn more about why the agent was armed in the bar.